Weston BID Survey

Tell us what you think by 30th April 2021

We hope this communication finds you well in these challenging times and trust you are keeping safe and well.

Weston BID’s second term finishes on 31st March 2022.

We are planning a consultation of all BID levy payers to ask their views on what projects should be part of a third five-year term which if approved by a majority of businesses at a ballot in November/December, would commence in April 2022.

Ahead of that formal consultation process, Weston BID is keen to gather feedback from a cross section of members across the BID area, both small and large businesses and from different sectors. We want to find out what you feel about the BID, its achievements and what your priorities would be for future projects and services to help Weston prosper.

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Awareness of Weston BID

1. Are you aware of what Weston has delivered?


2. Do you think the work of the BID has made a positive difference to Weston?


3. Do you think the work of the BID has made a positive difference to your business?


4. Are you satisfied with the support Weston BID has provided since 2017?


5. Is there anything you would like to see Weston BID do to support your business and the town over the coming months? Please give details