1. Which of the following best describes you?


2. What is your full postcode?


3. How do you travel along this road? (tick all that apply)


4. Thinking about the flood alleviation measures, how would you rate proposed permeable soft verges, the new drainage channel between the footpath and the permeable soft verges and the kerbs with drainage holes to aid water flowing into drains?

Very goodGoodFairPoorVery poor
Permeable soft verges (grass verges)
New drainage channel
Kerbs with holes to aid water flow into drains

5. Thinking about the pedestrian measures, how would you rate the provision of a new wider and flat inbound footpath and the installation of drop kerbs on the outbound footpath?

Very goodGoodFairPoorVery poor
Wider and flat inbound footpath
Dropped kerbs on the outbound footpath

6. Thinking about the road layout proposals, how would you rate changes that include the removal of the cycle lanes (inbound and outbound) and the narrowing of the carriageway for motorised traffic?

Very goodGoodFairPoorVery poor
Removal of cycle lanes
Narrowing of traffic lanes

7. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?


8. Would you like to see the inclusion of the following in the widened footpath?

YesNoDon't know
Scooter parking
Cycle parking
More greenery