Workshop 3

1. Highworth Area Neighbourhood Plan - Workshop 3 'Leisure, Arts and Culture'

Between now and Christmas Highworth Town Council is holding a series of Focus Groups, Workshops and online Surveys in order for residents and businesses to make a vital contribution towards the future of Highworth up to 2036.

Please complete this short Survey which represents the questions posed at the Workshop held in the Council Offices on Saturday 6th November 2021.  These responses along with the responses from the Workshop (Living in Highworth) will be collated and form part of the evidence base in updating the Neighbourhood Plan. 

* If you participated in the Workshop on the 6th November 2021 you do not need to complete this survey as your responses will automatically be included. 
1. We currently have the following list of facilities in Highworth and here, we are asking you to think about which facilities you really value, which you would like to see enhanced and which you believe to be surplus to requirements, please select your personal choice for each facility

1. Highworth Recreation Centre


2. Highworth Tennis Club


3. Highworth Bowls Club


4. Highworth Senior Football Club


5. Highworth Junior Football Club


6. Highworth Town Council Offices


7. Community Room, Gilberts Lane


8. Scout Hall, Eastrop


9. St Michaels Church


10. St Michaels Church Room, Old Coach House


11. St Michaels Hall, Paradise Path


12. Highworth Methodist Church


13. United Reformed Church


14. The Library


15. Highworth Community Centre


16. Westrop Nursery School


17. Southfields Nursery School


18. Highworth Warneford School


19. Southfields School


20. Westrop School


21. Eastrop School


22. Silver Band Hall


23. Do you know of any other facilities not listed?


24. We have lost the following facilities:

1. Silver Threads Hall
2. Youth and Community Centre
3. Children Centre
4. Vorda Playgroup
5. Ladybird Centre
6. Highworth Pre-School Playgroup

Please tell us how this has impacted you and family and friends:


25. 2. We currently have CCTV surveillance coverage in the following areas:

• High Street
• Market Square
• Podium
• Gilberts Lane (not quite reaching the Coop)

do you think CCTV should be extended to other public areas and if so where?