Workshop 4 Improving Highworth Area

1. Workshop 4 Improving Highworth Area

The High Street consists of 60 Grade II listed buildings from late Queen Anne to early Victorian.  It is a unique collection of buildings rarely found unspoiled elsewhere in Britain.  Many of the buildings are shops or businesses.  The jewel in the crown is a Grade I listed church in the heart of the Town.

'The High Street'

The purpose of this Workshop is to receive the thoughts and ideas of residents, to help the Neighbourhood Plan Committee build an attractive and sustainable Town Centre.

1. 1. How often do you visit the High Street?: *


2. What do you think are the most attractive aspects of the High Street now ? *


3. What changes would you like to see (The Town Centre is in a conservation area so there will be some restrictions on what changes can be made.) *


4. How easy is it for you to access the areas of the High Street that you like to visit? *


5. How safe do you feel getting around the High Street and Market Square areas and have you any suggestions on improving safety if you think it is relevant? *


6. What is, for you, the most important aspect of the High Street? *


7. In your opinion how might we encourage residents and visitors to stay longer or visit later? *


8. Thinking now about traffic. It is a widely held view that traffic and parking are a problem on the High Street and Town Centre Area.

If you agree with this view, what suggestions do you have to solving the issue? *


9. Finally, moving along to Businesses. There are a variety of shops and businesses in the High Street.

In your view, which businesses are missing from the High Street? *


10. Is there a particular shop or business that you miss most of all? *


11. Which shops or businesses do you visit most often?

Please list all that apply here:

For example: Butchers/Hairdressers/Newsagents/Cafes & Restaurants/Charity Shops etc. *