Regime Survey

1. Introduction

During the pandemic we have heard from staff in a wide range of roles and settings that they hope HMPPS can take this opportunity to learn the lessons from our experiences through COVID and to introduce changes for the better as we recover.

As part of this a new project called the Future Regime Design has been set up to look at what regimes in prisons will look like once the majority of COVID restrictions have been lifted and into the longer term.
We want to give as many staff as possible the chance to share their views as part of this project as well as take part in engagement run locally by your governors.  We know this survey has quite a few questions and you don't have to answer them all. This is about giving you an opportunity to share your thoughts. 

We will not be trying to identify anyone or any prison in the replies we get but it will be helpful to know if we are getting a spread of experience and types of establishment – that is why we ask those questions.

We shall be letting everyone know what we learn through this survey.