Waste reduction and recycling survey

Thank you for taking part in our short survey about recycling and waste reduction. Please note, this survey is only open to Wychavon residents. The answers you give us will help improve our service to you.

The survey should only take a few minutes to complete.

Once you have completed the survey, please share it with other friends and family within Wychavon to help us reach as many people as possible.

1. Rank the following waste management activities in order of how important you think each one is from the most important to the least important.

1. Most important
5. Least important

2. Where do you think the majority of Wychavon’s black bin/sack waste gets disposed of?


3. What do you think happens to the majority of Wychavon’s recycling?


4. How clear are you about what items you can put in your green recycling bin?


5. For each of the items listed below, please choose which bin you think they should go in (green recycling bin or black waste bin).

Green recycling binBlack waste binOtherDon’t know
Drinking glasses
Pyrex glass dishes
Foil animal food pouches
Plastic bottles (fizzy drinks/milk bottles etc)
Aluminium foil
Plastic frozen food packaging (eg frozen chip packaging)
Shredded paper
Metallic/shiny wrapping paper
Food waste
Cardboard egg boxes
Dishwasher tablet boxes
Toothpaste tubes
Polystyrene packaging
Other textiles (blankets etc)
Electrical items
Juice cartons/milk cartons

6. Are there any other items not currently accepted in the green recycling bin you think we should take for recycling?


7. Where do you get information about what items can and cannot be recycled in your green bin?


8. Have a look at this first recycling leaflet, then please tell us what you think of the information provided.


9. Have a look at this second recycling leaflet, then please tell us what you think of the information provided.


10. Where do you get information about how to reduce or minimise the waste you create?


11. How would you like to receive information about waste reduction and recycling?


12. Roughly, how much food waste does your household generate each week?


13. The Government is considering introducing weekly food waste collections for all councils in England. Is this something you would support?


14. Are there any additional comments in general about our waste and recycling service you would like to make?