Usdaw Childcare Survey 2024

1. Usdaw Childcare Survey 2024


Parents in the UK pay some of the highest costs for childcare in the world. Though many parents are entitled to some free hours of childcare the system is difficult to understand and can be hard to access.  

We want to hear from you about your experiences of finding childcare that fits around your work.

If you care for children from 0-16 years old can you spare a couple of minutes to take our survey?


The survey is anonymous however there is the option to provide your name and contact details if you would be happy for the Union to get in touch. Information on how we process and store personal data can be found in our  privacy notice


1. Do you care for children up to the age of 16?


2. What is your child's age? (if you have more than one child, please tick all that apply)


3. Are you a single parent?


4. Are you a grandparent caring for grandchildren?


5. Do any of the children you care for have a disability or additional support needs?


6. Do you use any of the following for childcare? (Please tick all that apply)


7. Do you pay for the childcare you use?


8. Do you receive any help towards the cost of childcare?


9. Are you aware working parents of 2-year-olds can now apply for 15 hours free childcare, starting from April 2024?


10. If your child is 2, have you successfully applied to receive the free 15 hours?


11. How easy/difficult was it to find childcare that fitted round your hours of work?


12. Have you had to reduce or rearrange your days / hours of work because of a lack of available childcare? (tick all that apply)


13. Have you used leave to cover childcare emergencies or short notice changes to your usual childcare arrangements? (tick all that apply)


14. If yes, do you feel that taking leave for childcare may get you into trouble at work?


15. Do you have any other comments about the cost, availability or arrangements you use for childcare?