Thank you for taking part in our survey. We want to understand more about the adult Autism and ADHD assessment process in York and North Yorkshire, particularly whilst the pilot of the Do-It profiler is running. Healthwatch York and Healthwatch North Yorkshire are independent, and aim to make sure what matters to people in York and North Yorkshire shapes our health and care services.

We know not everyone can give feedback online. For people living in York, you can call us on 01904 621133 (choose the option for Healthwatch York), or email if you prefer. For people in North Yorkshire, you can call us on 01423 788128 or email

The survey is anonymous. It takes about 10-15 minutes to fill it in.  
Thank you in advance for your time and help. We really appreciate it.

1. Please tell us what has led you to seek a diagnosis at this time.
(This might include things you have experienced, who you discuss them with, any support you receive, the length of time you have considered seeking a diagnosis, resources you have used)


2. Do you self-identify as someone with autism, ADHD, or otherwise neurodiverse?


3. Are you already in contact with any autism, ADHD, Neurodiversity or disability groups?


4. How long have you been trying to get a diagnosis?


5. How easy was it to use the Do-It profiler?


6. How long did it take you to complete the Do It profiler?


7. How useful was the report?


8. Has the profiler given you what you need?


9. Have you shared the report with anyone? For example, family, friends, your employer, colleagues, support workers


10. If you have, did you find sharing your report helpful?


11. Has your report helped you with getting reasonable adjustments from other organisations?


12. Has any person or organisation refused to help you without a diagnosis in place? If yes, please provide details


13. Whilst you have been looking for help, have you come across any resources, organisations, people or places that you think others would find helpful?


14. Is there anything else you want to tell us about your experiences?


15. Can Healthwatch York or Healthwatch North Yorkshire contact you in 3-6 months time to ask how you are getting on? If yes, please provide your preferred contact details, for example email address or telephone number.

The next few questions ask about you. You do not need to answer any of these. But it helps us if you do.

16. Please tell us your age


17. How would you describe your gender?


18. How would you describe your ethnicity?


19. Do you consider yourself to be