Young Healthwatch Survey

Healthwatch gives young people a voice and use their experiences to improve health and care services.

We listen to what you have to say and make sure NHS Leaders and other decision makers hear your voice and use your feedback to improve care. We are completely independent and impartial and anything you say is confidential.

Here is a list of services. Tick the box if you have used the service and then tell us what you think about it.

Primary Care: these are usually the first services you go to

GoodNot goodDon't know
School nurse
Wakefield Children and Young People's Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service (Compass)
Autism Spectrum Disorder clinic (The short name for this is ASD clinic)
Sexual health (for 14 years and older)
Social Care
Any other service. Please tell us

Secondary Care: these are usually services where you see a specialist

GoodNot goodDon't know
Hospital Emergency Department
Hospital (if yes which hospital and department / ward / gate did you go to?)
Urgent Treatment Centre (King Street Walk In or Pontefract)
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (the short name for this is CAMHS). CAMHS help with emotional, behavioural or mental difficulties
Any other service. Please tell us

Tell us about your experience with the service here: Remember to tell us what service you are talking about.
Why was your experience good or bad?


You don’t have to answer the following questions if you don't want to, but it can help us improve services if you do.
Which part of Wakefield District do you live in? For example Lupset, Ryhill & Havercroft, Knottingley, Castleford, Ossett:


How old are you?


Are you Male / Female / Self describe?


Your ethnic group (For example White British, White Eastern European, Asian British)


Do you have a disability? If yes, what disability do you have?


Are you a carer?

Thank you for taking part

For more information and places to get support go to and click on the Young Healthwatch tab or telephone 07885 913395 and 01924 787379.
You can also find lots of information, support and chat online at