Sector to Net Zero survey

1. Welcome to the Sector to Net Zero survey

Historic England is keen to support micro, small and medium sized heritage organisations reduce their carbon emissions and help them on their journey towards net carbon zero. All organisations are at different stages of this journey, and the survey is intended to get a better idea of the challenges that are being faced and understand what support may be needed. We really appreciate your open and honest feedback.

This survey is focused on Micro, Small and Medium sized heritage organisations. This includes sole traders, individual consultants, very small organisations with just a few employees or volunteers, and Small and Medium sized Enterprises (‘SME’s) working mainly in the heritage sector - including those that are completely volunteer led.

We would welcome responses from heritage organisations in England that:
  • Manage or run heritage sites (e.g. industrial heritage, historic houses, maritime heritage etc...)
  • Provide heritage services (e.g. archaeology, architectural heritage or conservation companies, consultancies, professional associations, heritage preservation trusts  etc...). 

Out of scope for this survey are university departments, local authority curatorial services/museums, very large heritage organisations or heritage teams working within large consultancies. 
Please can one reply be filled in per organisation.