Training Insights for 2024

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Training Hub would like to hear from you on your education, training and support needs.  Using this survey,  we are able to consult widely with General Practice staff which enables the training hub to source and secure funding and ensuring we commission the right education, learning and development programmes to meet individual and service needs.


1. Where is your primary place of work (i.e. the practice or PCN you spend majority of your time. If you are a locum, based on the past quarter) *


2. What role are you working in? *


3. Which best describes your current role in General Practice? *


4. How can we support your development goals over the next 12 months? Select up to 4 responses  *


5. If you are happy to do so, please share your personal development plans or objectives from your appraisal linked to training for the coming year 


6. What opportunities have the Training Hub provided that you feel have benefited you the most?


7. Please share the training and development opportunities you have participated in that have NOT been provided by the Training Hub


8. In terms of your role/career, what stage would you describe yourself at? *


9. What is your age?  *


10. What is your ethnic group?
Choose one option that best describes your ethnic group or background *

  • White
  • Mixed/Multiple ethnic groups
  • Asian/Asian British
  • Black/ African/Caribbean/Black British
  • Other Ethnic Group
  • Other

11. Is there anything we need to consider in making the opportunities Training Hub provides more inclusive for you?   


12. We welcome any comments/feedback or answers to questions we haven’t yet asked. Please feel free to add your comments below with an email address we can respond to or email us at any time through the year at 


13. Name (Optional)


14. E-mail Address (Optional)