New City Centre Primary School


This consultation is to propose options for a new primary school to be situated on the south-side of the city, but which would also serve part of the city centre. As part of this proposal, a new catchment area would be defined for the proposed new school and a new catchment area for the proposed associated secondary school. The catchment areas for the schools in the locality would also be changed as a result of the proposal.

There are two options proposed as part of this consultation:

Option 1 – Repurpose of building at 5 Florence Street

Option 2 – Repurpose of building at 12 Commercial Road, Adelphi Centre

Before you provide your response, please refer to the consultation document available online at for full details of the two options offered.

Full details of Glasgow City Councils Education Consultation Privacy Statement can also be found online here

The public consultation period ends 5 January 2022.