iBSL's Learner Voices Survey

At iBSL we continuously review our service to ensure the high quality provision of qualifications.  To aid our research and planning we would like to gain some insight from our current iBSL learners.  To support iBSL we would greatly appreciate if you would spare a few minutes to complete the following questions from our online survey. 

Thank you for your participation and support!

1. Which iBSL qualification are you studying? *


2. Do you plan on continuing to study with iBSL for the progressing level? *


3. Where in the country is your centre located? *


4. Which age category do you fit into? *


5. What is the main reason you study the qualification with iBSL? *


6. Do you feel supported on the course? *


7. What resources do you use to aid learning? *


8. How would you rate the delivery of the iBSL course?



9. How did you find out about the iBSL qualification? *


10. Would you recommend iBSL qualifications to anyone who may be interested? *


11. What would you rate the iBSL qualification you are currently studying? *


12. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions that would help us in improving our service? *

Check out our survey templates or create your own.