1. Information about applying to the Autistica Network

Please submit one application per research study.

You can use this form to apply to:
  1. Involve autism community members in the research process via the Autistica Insight Group
  2. Recruit research participants via the Autistica network
  3. Both involve the autism community and recruit participants for the same study
The Autism Spectrum Database (ASD-UK) is currently closed to new applications.

Involve community members via our Insight Group
Our Insight Group consists of 300 members of the autism community who wish to be involved in research, including:
  1. autistic adults
  2. non-autistic parents and carers of autistic children and adults
  3. autistic parents and carers of autistic children and adults
Our Insight Group work with autism researchers across the UK to improve the way autism research is conducted. For example, identifying if research questions are a community priority and advising researchers about whether their assessments, materials and testing environments are accessible and acceptable for autistic people.
We require an involvement fee be paid to each person involved in return for their expertise. Involvement fees are fixed and have been set in accordance with the NIHR INVOLVE guidelines, detailed below.
Time Cost
1 hour £25
1/2 day (3.5 hours) £75
Full day (7 hours) £150

Recruit research participants via the Autistica Network
We have over 16,000 members of the Autistica Network who are willing to be contacted about taking part in autism research happening across the UK, including:
  1. autistic adults
  2. parents, carers and family members of autistic children and adults
  3. professionals who work with autistic people
  4. autism researchers
Advertising via the Autistica Network is free of charge. Unfortunately, as a small team we cannot support research projects conducted by undergraduate and masters students. 

What you will need to complete this form

​For involvement opportunities via the Insight Group​:
  • Descriptive information about the opportunity being advertised
  • The number of and a description of the people you wish to consult
  • The involvement fee you will be paying​
  • The deadline for completing the activity
For research participation opportunities via the Autistica Network:
  • Details of your study design
  • Description of the sample(s) you wish to recruit, including inclusion/exclusion criteria and sample size justifications
  • Proof that the study you wish to advertise has been approved by a university or NHS research ethics committee
  • Details of any community involvement you have had in designing this study (this is not a prerequisite)
  • Your pre-registered study design and analysis plan (this is not a prerequisite)
You can download a word document version of this form - this is for your reference only; all applications must be submitted via this online form.

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