VRR Academic Champions Profile

1. Introduction

We are gathering short profiles of academics who have made use of Virtual Reading Rooms within their research or teaching. This is a collaborative initiative between Research Libraries UK (RLUK), the School of Advanced Study (SAS), University of London and members of a working group convened by the International Alliance of Research Library Associations (IARLA). Details of these three organisations can be found by following the hyperlinks.

Virtual Reading Rooms (VRRs)

VRRs enable remote access to archives, special collections and museum objects using visualisers and live streaming, linking a remote researcher directly with the materials of their choice for a real time consultation. They offer bespoke, humanly-mediated, remote digital access which does not depend on digitisation. 

Scholars, teachers or members of the public can use VRRs to consult and digitally engage with an institution’s heritage and cultural collections remotely, asking for these to be handled and examined by a member of staff, to support their research or learning.

Academic profiles of VRR users

RLUK, SAS, and members of the IARLA working group are gathering a series of short profiles from members of the academic community who have used Virtual Reading Rooms in their research.

The profiles are to illustrate the diversity of academic colleagues making use of these services, and are to be used to raise awareness of these services amongst the academic community and promote ongoing research in this area being conducted by RLUK, SAS, and the IARLA working group.

In supplying this profile, you agree for it to feature on the IARLA/RLUK website and in connection with the development and delivery of Virtual Reading Room consultation services.


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7. Have you used a Virtual Reading Room before?

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8. To which institution did the VRR belong and what was your purpose in using it?

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