Are you looking after someone?

If you look after someone you may be a Carer. A Carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support.

Questions in this survey have been co-produced with Carers, by the independent charity Carers Voice Norfolk & Waveney. This survey is part of work on an All Age Carers Strategy for Norfolk and Waveney 2022 - 2025 and will be used to improve services and ensure Carers receive the support they want and need. Click here to find out more about the All Age Carers Strategy.

All responses are anonymous and cannot be identified to you as an individual. They will only be used to make recommendations to health and social care providers in Norfolk and Waveney. Please do not put any personal information in your responses to the survey (e.g. name or contact details)If you would like help to complete the survey or have any other questions please contact Carers Voice by emailing or by calling 07932 095312 

1. How many people do you care for?


2. How many hours a week on average do you spend caring?


3. Please tell us why the person/people you care for needs your help and support? Please select all that apply.


4. Please tell us if you have any support needs yourself. Please select all that apply.


5. Have you had a Carer's Assessment? Please select all that apply.


6. As a Carer, where have you been able to find help or support for yourself? Please select all that apply.


7. Have you found it easy or difficult to get the support you need as a Carer?


8. Please tell us how important the following are to you:

Extremely importantVery importantSomewhat importantNot so importantNot at all important
Time for yourself/ time away from your caring role
Support with your physical health
Support with your mental health
Someone to talk to
Advice on benefits and finances
Planning, including for an emergency and the future
More information about the services available to Carers (such as Carers Matter Norfolk)
Practical support including home adaptations and technology
Knowing the person you care for is safe and is receiving the support they need

9. Have you been involved in the planning and developing of care for the person/people you look after?


10. During this planning and developing of care did you feel you were:

YesNoNot applicable - I was not involved
Listened to

11. Please tell us how your caring role(s) has changed any of the following:

Very positive changeSome positive changeNo changeSome negative changeVery negative changeNot applicable
Your physical health
Your mental health
Your financial circumstances
Time for yourself
Your day-to-day life
Your relationships
Your employment
Your education

12. Are you currently in paid employment / self-employment / education / voluntary work / retired? Please select all that apply.


13. Please use this space if you would like to tell us more about:
-any concerns you have as a Carer for the future
-any change that would improve services
-any further comments


14. How do you prefer to make contact with people and services? Please select all that apply:


15. Please tell us your age and the age(s) of the person/people you care for:

15 or under16-1819-2526-4546-6465-8485 or overPrefer not to say
Your age group
The age group(s) of the person/people you care for

16. Please tell us your gender and the gender(s) of the person/ people you care for:

FemaleMaleTrans WomanTrans ManNon-BinaryOtherDo not knowPrefer not to say
Your gender
The gender of the person/people you care for

17. What is your sexual orientation?


18. What is your relationship to the person(s) you care for? Please select all that apply:


19. How would you describe your ethnic origin?


20. What is the first half of your postcode? This helps us know if the survey has reached all parts of Norfolk and Waveney.


Please use this box to tell us how you found out about this survey.

If you would like to receive any support, or completing this survey has brought up any issues for you, there is support available to you as a Carer: 
- in Norfolk via Carers Matter Norfolk’s Advice line on 0800 083 1148. More information can be found at
in Waveney via Suffolk Family Carers on 01473 835477. More information can be found at

There is 24-hour mental health support available from:
Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT) on 0808 196 3494 
or the Samaritans on 116 123 (Freephone number)