Alternative Learning Provision - Parent/Carer Survey

This is a chance for you to tell us about the experiences in Alternative Learning Provision (ALP) of your child or the child you care for.

ALP is somewhere your child can learn when they are unable to remain in school, either because of physical or mental health reasons, exclusion or because they need additional support. There are a number of types of ALP including hospital education, a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), tutoring or mentoring, or a programme a child attends outside of the classroom.

Bristol City Council wants to know about the experiences of your child, or the child you care for, so that we can improve how ALP services are delivered. All of the information you share with us is completely confidential, and you can miss out any questions you don’t want to answer. Personal details will not be shared and we will ensure that no respondent can be identified when we publish the results of this survey. You can read more about how Bristol City Council will use your data on the “About you” page at the end of this survey.

If your child, or the child you care for, has attended more than one ALP setting please can you answer these questions about the most recent experience.