Apprenticeship and Traineeship Learner Induction Survey (Weeks 1-6) 2021/22

The responses you provide will be used for the purposes of evaluating the training and learning programmes you are involved with. Your responses will be seen by Nova Training and possibly shared with Government departments who all have an interest in monitoring the effectiveness of such programmes. All responses are confidential. By completing this questionnaire you are agreeing to the above
This survey is designed to give us feedback on how you feel about the service we are providing to you.

1. What course are you studying with Nova Training? *


2. If you are on an apprenticeship, what vocational subject are you studying?


3. If your programme involves a work placement/experience/employment, does your employer give you sufficient time to complete learning tasks set by Nova Training? *


4. How good was the information you were given when signing up to your learning programme? *


5. How good has the help given by staff been so far? *


6. How good is the information, advice and guidance you have been given about what you can do after this learning programme? *


7. During the induction all materials that I have been provided with are representative of a diverse range of individuals *


8. So far the information you were given about the programme or course during your first interview has met your expectation *


9. The induction onto my programme or course has met my needs *


10. So far I have received the support I need *


11. I am treated fairly by Nova Training staff *


12. The induction has been delivered in a way that helps me build on my existing knowledge *


13. I have been supported to use BKSB for Maths, English and ICT skill development *


14. So far I have been given feedback that helps me to improve *


15. My course or programme is preparing me for what I want to do next *


16. I have access to the resources that I need to do well on my course or training *


17. Nova Training has created a safe, disciplined and positive environment for me to learn *


18. I am well informed by Nova Training about the career choices available to me and understand what I need to do to succeed in my chosen career *


19. So far I have been able to give my views about things that affect me and feel listened to *


20. Would you recommend Nova Training to a friend? *


21. What does Nova Training do well? *


22. What could Nova Training do to improve? *


23. So far, what is it like to be a learner at Nova Training? *


24. Overall, I am satisfied with the service and education Nova Training provide.


25. Would you like to speak to a staff member about your feedback? *