Yorkshire Autism AIM: Sensory needs in inpatient wards


This survey will be used to collect a range of experiences from people with specific sensory needs about their sensory needs or concerns experienced while on an inpatient ward.

The data drawn from this survey will be used to develop an experience-led animation video to improve sensory environments on inpatient wards and raise awareness on the sensory needs of autistic people on inpatient wards. 

Please note that any data submitted in this survey will be for the video and other social media content, not for any other purpose. If you would like your story to be credited, please email us at yaamhep@advonet.org.uk.

1. When on an inpatient ward, have you had any of the following sensory issues:


2. Do you have any suggestions for tools and equipment that would help people with specific sensory needs when on inpatient ward? Example: weighted blanket, noise cancelling headphones, fidget toys etc.


3. Do you have any suggestions for environmental adjustments that would help people with specific sensory needs on an inpatient ward? Example: Dimmable lighting, silent alarms, quiet room etc.


4. Did you have the opportunity to talk about your sensory needs while on the ward?


5. Did you have any sensory adjustments while on the inpatient ward? If so, please list your reasonable adjustments below.


6. Overall, did the ward meet your sensory needs?


7. How did the ward support your sensory needs well? E.g. creating a dietary profile of your food aversions and/or preferences to be upheld by catering staff on the ward.


8. What during your stay on an inpatient ward left you unsupported in your sensory needs? E.g. Loud, disorientating buzzers without silent alarm alternatives.