Big Build room layouts in our standard wards


Whether or not you have visited either of our hospitals, we want to hear your views on wards as we develop plans for The Big Build. The survey takes around 5 minutes to complete, and is completely anonymous.

Why do we need your help?

We need to decide how our inpatient wards should be laid out in our new Women’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital buildings.

At the moment, most patients are cared for in open wards, with several patients in each area, sharing the same toilet facilities and separated by drawable curtains.

Based on current NHS design standards, and our review of the evidence, we know that at least 70% of our beds in our new buildings will be single rooms. We can choose to have more than this. Whatever we decide, there will be a big change to how staying at our hospital feels. 

We need to decide whether all our standard inpatient beds should be single rooms, or if we should make it possible for some patients to be cared for in shared rooms of up to 4 patients.

Your experience and views, whether you are a patient (or potential patient), a parent, relative or carer, and/or a member of staff at BWC NHS are really important.

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