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Privacy Notice

In this form Flintshire County Council asks for some personal information such as name, address, email, etc.

This information will be held securely for the lifetime of #BeKindOnline plus two years and will be used for the purpose of verifying your pledge and keeping a record of school pledges. Where you consent, the information you provide will also be used to keep you updated about #BeKindOnline and offering you further opportunities to voluntarily get involved.

More information on what to expect when Flintshire County Council collects your personal data can be found on the privacy notice page of our website.

By ticking this box I consent to the Council capturing and storing the personal details in this form for purposes listed above. I understand that I can request for my details to be removed from your records by emailing


The Council may use the name of your school in the promotion of the #BeKindOnline campaign.  Please check the boxes below where you consent to the Council using your school name in this way.  You can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing