Whether you have experienced burnout yourself, or helped someone else, tell us a bit about your experiences.
The Civil Service is prioritising action to prevent burnout and we are keen to understand a bit more about your experiences and what you think helps/ hinders dealing with burnout. 

By telling us about your experiences you will directly help us to develop policies and take action to reduce the risk of burnout in your organisation and in the wider Civil Service. We are interested whether you have experienced burnout directly or whether you have helped others.

This questionnaire asks a few questions, some of which are open-ended questions to give you the opportunity if you wish to briefly recount what happened and what helped/ hindered. It should take less than 10 minutes. We ask no background questions aside from your department and the responses will be handled securely by a small team of analysts within the Cabinet Office, and a nominated analyst in each organisation. Any results will be entirely anonymous and share general themes only. 

All questions are fully optional, so you do not need to answer a question if you do not feel comfortable doing so. We will only analyse your responses if you finish the survey, so if at any point you do not feel comfortable continuing you can close this browser window/ tab. Importantly if you are in any way affected by recounting your experience, please use your departmental support channels or alternatively there are resources and support that you can access.

Departmental intranet guidance includes:
  • Stress Risk Assessment process 
  • Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Programme
  • Mental Health First Aiders or equivalent
External advice includes: For questions or concerns about the survey please email aandi-socialresearch@cabinetoffice.gov.uk

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