BHBIA Annual Call for Contributions 2024/25


1. BHBIA Annual Call for Contributions 2024/25


The BHBIA is changing the way we collaborate with you by moving to a single call for your contributions to our Professional Development and annual Conference Programmes. This will streamline the process and make better connections across the host of development and thought leadership events our annual programmes provide.

There are also NEW opportunities to collaborate with the BHBIA and convene our Winter/Summer/Spring seminars or new 'Innovations in ...' virtual workshops. You can use the section at the end of this survey to get involved and submit your ideas and interest.

The event formats are:


Webinars: 60-minute online events, one of our most popular channels for accessing industry updates and thought leadership.


Workshops (face-to-face): Full-day workshops that combine classroom-style teaching with interactive sessions. They are a valuable opportunity to deep-dive into specific topics with practical exercises.


Workshops (virtual): Half-day workshops are more condensed sessions adapted to work in a virtual environment. These are popular for their accessibility to busy attendees.


Conference workshops: A 40-minute interactive session designed to explore and facilitate discussion around an industry topic or challenge, brought to life with practical examples.

Conference talks: An impactful 20-minute TED-style talk designed to inform or inspire our members on a topic relevant to healthcare business insights.


Conference presentations: A 30-minute thought-provoking case study sharing the insights and impact from a specific project or projects delivered on the main stage.


Seminars: Half-day in-person and virtual events which delve into one of our industry’s hot topics, bringing together speakers with a range of perspectives delivered through presentations and panel discussions.

Do you have more than one idea? Once you get to the end of this survey, simply start a new survey to submit any subsequent ideas.

By facilitating or speaking at a BHBIA event or delivering professional development activities, you give permission to BHBIA to capture and use your name/images/video/sound recordings in digital and printed media for BHBIA purposes. For more details please refer to the Privacy Notice.       

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