1. Save our rivers: stop water companies polluting the Esk and Eden with raw sewage


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We really appreciate your support on this important issue for people in Carlisle District.

Water companies are dumping gallons of raw sewage into the Esk and the Eden the rivers that feed into them, and the Government is doing nothing to stop it. 

Parliament failed to vote to ban water companies from letting sewage flow into our waterways. The current lax rules will do nothing to stop them continuing to dump sewage for years to come.
We think that water companies should step up and pay to fix the sewage system from their £2.2bn annual profits, but the government wants to stick the bill on hardworking taxpayers.

The Liberal Democrats instead are proposing a 16% sewage tax on water companies’ profits that would raise the £340m needed to sort the sewage system and keep our precious rivers and lakes clean.

The time for action is now. Join us in demanding that the Government does more to protect our treasured waterways and force water companies clean up their mess. Sign our petition today.

Trevor, Tim, Brian and Roger
Carlisle Lib Dems
01228 493511

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