Council Tax Support Scheme Consultation

About this survey
All Councils are required to undertake a public consultation exercise if they are considering a change to their Council Tax Support Schemes.

Liverpool City Council is currently deciding on whether to change its Council Tax Support Scheme for 2021/2022 and a number of options are being considered.

The purpose of this consultation exercise is to enable all interested parties to give their views on these options.
Findings from this consultation exercise will help the Council decide whether any changes will be made to the Council Tax Support Scheme in April 2021.

Who is this survey for?
This survey is intended for Liverpool residents. If you don’t live in Liverpool please visit your local council’s website, as they may be conducting a similar survey.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your views are important to us and will help us make a decision on whether to change the current Council Tax Support scheme.

All information received will be treated confidentially. The closing date for responses is 5 December 2020.

If you experience any problems with completing this survey please email with your details including a contact telephone number and we will assist you.

Please note that an asterisk (*) indicates that the question must be answered.  You will need to complete all required questions before you can move on to the next page or submit the survey.

Data Statement
Information and comments gathered as part of this survey will be used by the Council to help decide whether the Council Tax Support Scheme should be changed. Information and comments may be used to inform internal reports but individuals and organisations will not be identified. All personal and organisational data gathered as part of this survey will not be used for any other purpose and will be securely destroyed within six months of the closing date.