COVID-19 & The Family Courts

1. Name


2. Email address


3. To your knowledge, have remote hearings taken place since 17th March?


4. In which courts have the remote hearings taken place? Please list up to three:


5. On which platform have remote hearings taken place? Please select all that apply


6. Did the court or the parties make the technology arrangements for the remote hearing?


7. How satisfied have you been with with the arrangements made for the technology?

Very DissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeutralSatisfiedVery SatisfiedNot applicable
When organised by the court
When organised by the parties
When organised in another way

8. What types of hearing have been held remotely? Please tick all that apply:


9. It is envisaged that where a case cannot be listed for a remote hearing then any existing listing should be adjourned and the case must be listed promptly for a directions hearing, which should be conducted remotely.

Have any courts refused to adjourn a hearing to a remote hearing and asked advocates and parties to attend court?


If a court has refused, please tell us which court and the level of judiciary involved


10. Have you felt any pressure to attend court?


11. If you have felt pressure, where has the pressure come from? For example, from the courts, your clients, and so on.


12. Have you experienced any problems with funding or FAS forms?


13. If you have experienced any problems with funding or FAS forms, please tell us more.


14. Please tell us about any other problems you've experienced or issues you have to raise: