Lockdown Return - Parent Survey

Considering the current lockdown and restrictions on educational & childcare provisions, we want to gauge the feelings of our parents/carers about when they are hoping to return to nursery / out of school club, and what they would hope Acorn have in place before they do so. We also want to find out how parents/carers currently accessing provisions have been feeling about the provisions at nursery/club. 

This survey is anonymous, and will help us to ensure that we are supporting our families as well as we possibly can and that we are doing everything to maintain safe and healthy environments. Please complete as honestly and as fully as you are able to. 

1. What nursery and/or out of school club does your child(ren) usually attend? *


2. Has your child(ren) been attending an Acorn setting during lockdown (i.e. you are a key worker or your child is classed a vulnerable child)? If so, please state which setting in the comments.


3. If your child(ren) has been attending an Acorn setting, please respond to the following statements (please leave blank if they have not attended during lockdown)

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I feel Acorn have put in place enough safety measures to protect children, families and staff
I have felt safe leaving my child(ren) in the nursery/club during this lockdown period
I feel Acorn has supported the needs of my family during this lockdown well

4. If your child(ren) have not been attending nursery or out of school club during lockdown, please respond to the following statements (please leave blank if they are attending)

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I have found online resources, activities and communication useful during lockdown
I feel safe and comfortable with my child(ren) coming back to nursery/club?
I am happy with the proposed health, safety and wellbeing precautions that were outlined in the recent communication
My child(ren) will be returning to nursery/club as soon as they are able to

5. Please let us know any expectations you have before your children return to nursery/out of school club...


6. Although we have not yet received the Government's roadmap for returning from lockdown, please state below your thoughts on when you may be wanting your child to return to nursery/out of school club


7. Do you intend to make any changes to your child(ren)'s booking pattern?


8. The impact of this crisis will have longer-term consequences for Acorn’s finances, as it will for many organisations, and we want to involve you in the decisions we make going forward. We’d really appreciate any suggestions you may have about how best we can save money and reduce costs without affecting the quality of provision