Investigate the effect of Covid 19 on suppliers due to retailers practices, to bring about change for the future and improved regulation for the industry

Thank you for completing this survey. This will be used by Traidcraft Exchange Registered Charity No 1048752  a company that helps bring together people to fight injustice in trade. This survey will help measure the scale of the impact of Covid 19 on suppliers to European retailers , The results will help implement change in the industry and introduce regulations so that suppliers are treated more fairly 
This is a confidential survey and your details will not be shared with any retailers. 

1. Please include your email address, this will be confidential *


2. What is the name of your company, this will be confidential *


3. What product do you manufacture, please tick all that apply *


4. What is your approximate annual turnover *


5. How does your turnover this year compare to last year


6. How big is your workforce *


7. Which country do you manufacture in, please tick all that apply *


8. Where are the business headquarters of your customers, Please tick all that apply.  *


9. Have retailers cancelled any of your orders in 2020 *


10. If orders have been cancelled what reasons were given


11. If orders have been cancelled. What % of your total business has been cancelled. *


12. Have retailers extended payment of your orders, if other payment options were offered eg a percentage of payment please add in the comments column. *


13. As a result of Covid 19 have you had to do any of the below, please tick all that apply and add extra context if you can. *


14. Which of your customers have behaved the worst and been the least supportive in 2020, please give examples


15. If the retailers /brands actions were a breach of contract did you do any of the following


16. When are unfair business practices adopted towards suppliers, please provide some examples


17. What do you consider to be unfair trading practices in your relationship with retailers/wholesalers, Please add more information in the comment box if you have experienced other behaviours not listed. *


18. If changes have been made What kind of changes were they.


19. Which of your customers have behaved the best for you in 2020 and been the most supportive? please give examples.


20. For orders that you are currently receiving for like for like products What are your cost prices?


21. What would be the one change or improvement in business practices that you would like brands/retailers to improve in their
relationships with you? *


Thank you for your contribution to this survey. If possible please provide your name, email & contact details in the comments so that we can follow up with you if you are happy to be interviewed. This information will be confidential between Traidcraft exchange and Nicole Higgins The buyer and retail coach.  *