Cyber Crime Survey 2021


1. Which age group do you fall into? *


2. How confident, if at all, do you feel that you know how to keep your personal devices and online accounts secure? *


3. Is the password for your email account being used for any other online accounts?



4. Are you currently using your web browser or a password manager app to save or create passwords?



5. Have you enabled Two-factor authentication (2FA) for any of your online accounts? *


6. Do you regularly backup your devices? E.g. Phones, laptops, tablets?


7. Do you install software updates on your devices when they become available?



8. Were you aware that victims of fraud and cyber crime should report it to Action Fraud?


9. Were you aware that you can report a suspicious email by forwarding it to: *


10. Were you aware that you can report a suspicious text message (SMS) by forwarding it to 7726? (it’s free of charge) *