How did you get on with the new service?

Thank you for using the new service. We’d love to hear what you thought.

1. So we can track how many times you've used the new service, please provide your UKPRN. *


2. Thinking of your last visit only, which of the following actions did you do using the new service?


3. If you were not able to carry out all of these activities using the new service, please write a brief description of what happened below and where possible, provide the URL for the page you were stopped at.


4. Thinking specifically about the new data collections service, please rate your agreement with each of the following statements:

1. Strongly disagree2. Disagree3. Neither agree nor disagree4. Agree5. Strongly agree
I think that I would like to use this service frequently
I found the service unnecessarily complex
I thought the service was easy to use
I think that I would need the support of a technical person to be able to use this service
The service does everything I need it to
It took me a long time to find the things I needed
I would imagine that most people would learn to use this service very quickly
I found the service very cumbersome to use
I felt very confident using the system
I needed to learn a lot of things before I could get going with this service

5. Was the data in the validation report as expected?


6. Was the data in the business reports as expected?


7. What did you like, if anything, about the new data collections service?


8. What did you dislike, if anything, about the new data collections service?


9. Were you able to use the error validation report to correct your live data?


10. Based on the answers you provide, we may wish to follow up with you via phone to find out more about your experience. If you're happy for us to do so, please leave your email address and phone number in the space below so we can arrange a time with you.


11. Participation in future research

(You can request at any time to not be contacted to take part in further research and/or to have your details removed from the database).