Have your say on diabetes technology

Diabetes technology is key to achieving a world where diabetes can do no harm. We know technology has the potential to transform the lives of people living with diabetes, reducing the risk of long-term complications and improving quality of life. But we also hear that access to diabetes technology across the country is extremely varied. Being able to access technology on prescription or through NHS funding can depend on where you live, your economic status, your healthcare professionals’ knowledge about technology and your type of diabetes.

For this survey, we’re defining diabetes technology as ‘wearable’ technology, which may include: insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, flash glucose monitors and DIY (closed-loops APS) artificial pancreas. You can find out more about diabetes technology on our website.

We’d like to hear about your experiences of accessing, or not accessing the diabetes technology out there. We will use what you tell us to inform the work Diabetes UK does on access to technology, including the production of resources and reports, and used in our influencing and campaigning work.

Anything you tell us will be confidential. We will not publish or share any information that might identify you. We may use anonymised quotes of what you tell us when we report our findings from this research.

The information you provide will be stored securely by Diabetes UK and Smart Survey, the survey platform we use. We will delete all the responses within 2 months of the project’s completion date.

You can find out more about how we use your information at www.diabetes.org.uk/privacy

If you would like to get in touch with us about anything that has been raised here, please email policy@diabetes.org.uk