The Orkney Household Energy Efficiency Survey 2019
The Orkney Household Energy Efficiency Survey 2019
The Council is working alongside various partners to try and improve energy efficiency, tackle fuel poverty and further enhance Orkney’s position as the forerunner in renewable and sustainable energy. This survey is designed to provide the Council and partners with a better understanding of home energy efficiency in Orkney. The other elements of this mailing provides information on various projects and partners operating in Orkney.

The results will be used to measure Orkney’s levels of fuel poverty, uptake of renewables and energy efficiency technologies and the perception of energy efficiency matters by households in the islands. It will also help us to enhance projects that are currently being run or developed by partners.

This survey is being sent to every household in Orkney and we would be very grateful if you could take the time to complete the survey. The survey can be completed either by filling in online form or filling in paper form and returning it using the reply-paid envelope provided.

The data you give will be used for assessing the current energy efficiency picture in Orkney and will help shape projects and proposals. The data will be used to further enhance targeting of the insulation and heating programmes delivered through the Home Energy Efficiency Programme for Scotland: Area Based Schemes (HEEPS: ABS) and aid in the development of Orkney’s Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES) and related policy. The ReFLEX Orkney project, led by the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Stromness, and involving the Council and other partners, will utilise the data to maximise the impact and benefit ReFLEX can have on Orkney.

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If you provide your name, address and post code, you will be automatically enrolled into the prize draw. Six lucky participants will get £100 each, courtesy of Aquatera and Firefly Energi (Orkney)

Data Protection and Data Sharing Statement

The Council and partners are collecting personal data including name, address, e-mail address, phone number, income and household spend on various items and any relevant health issues.
Data is being collected to help develop projects, strategy, research and policy around energy and fuel poverty.

Personal details will only be shared outside the Council if households give consent to be contacted about energy efficiency projects. This includes the ReFLEX programme partners, the European Marine Energy Centre, Solo Energy, Aquatera, Community Energy Scotland and Heriot Watt University and the Council’s HEEPS: ABS managing agent.

In some circumstances, your data may also be shared with other technical and expert third parties to assist with the aims of the Council and the named partners above. This will only be when necessary, and only for the specific purposes described here. We will ensure that legally-binding non-Disclosure Agreements are put in place with these third parties, and that this action will also be fully compatible with the privacy policies of both the Council and the named partners

Responses to questions received will be anonymised down to a seven-digit postcode level before being shared with the partners outlined above as well as; the Orkney Partnership, Scottish and Southern Energy Networks and members of the Orkney Fuel Poverty Group including Care & Repair, THAW Orkney and the Orkney Citizens Advice Bureau. Orkney Housing Association will receive anonymised copies of responses that identify as Orkney Housing Association tenants. For more information on how the Council will use your personal data and your rights please visit the Council website 
Orkney Islands Council Privacy Policy

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HEEPS: ABS is the Council-run programme that has installed insulation, and heating through the Warm Homes Fund, in over 400 properties in Orkney over the last four years.


ReFLEX Orkney Project aims to develop a new style of energy system and the project will see the installation of battery storage on homes and businesses, the provision of new electric vehicles, and other initiatives.