Flexible Working in Clinical Practice - for Employers and Employees

1. Introduction

BVA has identified that there is a desire for greater flexibility within veterinary practice working patterns. How to achieve this to suit all parties is the challenge. Most practices have had to make some changes to their working patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is now an opportunity to explore the benefits and barriers of the changes that were made. This survey is part of a project where vets Silvia Jansk√° and Jessica May are researching how flexible working can work to empower the employee, sustain a profitable business and keep a unified team.

1. Do you currently work in the UK? *


2. What is your role? *


3. With which gender do you identify? *


4. How old are you? *


5. What role describes YOUR predominant work? *


6. How many people work in your practice? (All staff, all branches) *


7. How big is your immediate team with whom you share your working pattern/rota?
(independent of short term change due to COVID-19 pandemic) *


8. Where do you work? *


9. What is the nature of your employment? *


10. What is your working pattern? (INDEPENDENT OF SHORT TERM CHANGE due to COVID-19 pandemic) *