Funding Our Police 2022/23



From Tracy Brabin – Mayor of West Yorkshire

As Mayor of West Yorkshire, I am responsible for setting the annual budget for West Yorkshire Police. This includes agreeing the local 'police precept' - the part of the council tax that helps to fund policing locally.

One of my key manifesto pledges is to recruit 750 new frontline police officers and police staff over the next 3 years. Since becoming Mayor, I have been working hard with West Yorkshire Police and our partners to achieve this, however, this requires sustained investment.

The effect of nationwide Covid restrictions has had a severe economic impact, and the Government’s recent Spending Review announcement did not guarantee that enough funding will be provided to support the real cost of policing here in West Yorkshire, an area which saw its budget for policing cut severely since 2010. 

The last thing I want to do is pass the cost on to those already facing rises in the cost of living, but I know how important it is that people feel safe in their community as you have told me during my recent consultation on our new Police and Crime Plan. 

I know people want their police service to be funded properly, to help make West Yorkshire safe, just and inclusive.

In reality, the apparent £21.4m increase in West Yorkshire Police’s budget is forecast to equate to just £7.9m in real terms.

This money needs to pay for 341 new police officers, but it is not enough to cover all costs including salaries, equipment and training.

Likewise, my pledge to place the safety of women and girls at the heart of my police and crime plan must be supported with the necessary funding to make a tangible difference to people’s lives.

We also need to continually invest in areas including tackling neighbourhood crime, reducing violent crime, supporting victims of crime, including those affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence.

The increases in funding that Government has committed to can only be realised if Police and Crime Commissioners and Metro Mayors apply for the full council tax increase, which would mean an extra £10 per year for Band D properties. As 81% of homes in West Yorkshire are in Bands A to C, most people would pay no more than £8.89 per year extra (or 17p per week). 

It is only by meeting this expectation imposed upon us by Government that I can provide the resources and police numbers we need to help keep our communities safe.

This is without a doubt a difficult period of our history, which comes with many considerations, so before I make a recommendation on your local police budget, I would like to know what you think. 

** The consultation will run until midnight on the 25th January 2022.  Please have your say. **

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