Creative Writing: Tell What Matters To You

1. Creative Writing: Tell What Matters To You

What is the project about?
Telling stories and other creative forms of writing can be a vital and enriching way for individuals to think through or make sense of their experience of living with cancer.
With some space, time and strong creative writing prompts from an experienced facilitator, people can find their own words to express thoughts and feelings about the care they received/are receiving. Through these workshops, we propose to bring the magic of writing creatively to people who maybe don’t consider themselves writers in the formal sense. The magic however, is that the words are already inside each one of us, just waiting for us to put pen to paper! 

This 6 week workshop aims to draw out what really matters to people living with the effects of cancer on their lives and to provide them with different writing tools to structure thoughts and feelings with regard to what matters most to them. This will be a sound,
trustful and comfortable space for people who will discover their own unique voice as we progress. We will explore different forms of writing, listen to each others stories and share our writing within in a supportive context. (This is entirely optional: everyone will be free to keep his/her writing private and personal.)

When will the workshops take place?
There will be 6 workshops in total taking place during July and August, starting on

Tuesday 6 July from 11.00am - 12.30pm

Where will the workshops take place?
The workshops will be taking place online via Zoom. As the summer progresses, there may be opportunities for some face to face meetings, however we will need to follow government guidance for now.

Do I need to be a skilled writer or have any special equipment?
No previous writing experience (including spelling and punctuation) is necessary for this course. You will need to be able to access the course online for now, using a computer, tablet, ipad etc. The creative writing facilitator leading the sessions will be taking you through a series of tips and techniques to make sure you are supported and equipped to produce your own unique writing.

Do I have to have a current cancer diagnosis?
The project is open to anyone who has had a cancer experience in the past or present. We also welcome carers or family members of people affected by cancer.

What happens to the final pieces of creative writing?
Macmillan Cancer Support recognise that there are many ways people affected by cancer can portray their experiences. With the permission of the participants, we would seek to compile a portfolio of creative voice, which would powerfully demonstrate what really matters to people affected by cancer. For example we may ask your permission to share your writing in support of Macmillan’s submission to the NI Cancer Strategy response, as well as being showcased to elected representatives and those with decision making power in relation to health matters. We hope they would also help us to reach out to more people affected by cancer who we haven’t yet heard from, and invite them to share their voice with us too. 

To register your interest, please complete the following short questionnaire
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