Halls for Hire Registration Form


1. Name and address of hall/community building - (please be aware the Halls for Hire website is for community facilities in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough only).


2. About your hall - please write a paragraph introducing your hall to potential hirers
(for some ideas why not look at other hall entries on www.hallsforhire.org.uk)


3. Booking clerk information


4. Please tick which of the following facilities your venue has:


5. Does your venue have a car park, if so, please indicate in the box below how many spaces are provided.


6. Please provide any further information on any additional facilities that your hall has which might be useful to potential hirers. For example, staff available to help out during the course of a booking (caretaker or bar staff) or any additional charges that might be incurred.


7. Does your hall use Temporary Events Notices (TENs)?


8. Does your hall have a premises licence?


9. If your have a premises licence, please tick which of the following activities are covered:


10. If your hall hosts live performances or plays recorded music, does it have:

A Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) Licence?
A Performing Rights Society (PRS) Licence?
Does your hall have a Licence to conduct Wedding Ceremonies?

11. Does your hall provide hirers with a written hiring agreement?


12. If yes, to the previous question, is your hiring agreement based on the ACRE model hire agreement?


13. Please indicate which of the following rooms/areas are available to hire in your hall and indicate their capacity in the three standard styles by entering numbers in the boxes below:

Theatre-style (rows of chairs facing the front)Cabaret-style (tables with chairs around)Classroom-style (U-shape of tables with chairs)
Main hall
Second hall
Meeting room 1
Meeting room 2

14. Please indicate the commercial/private party hiring rates for your hall:
(if you charge higher rates in the evening or on weekends, please indicate higher rates in brackets)

£ per hour£ per half-day£ per day
Main hall
Second hall
Meeting room 1
Meeting room 2

15. Do you take a deposit upon confirming a booking?


16. Please indicate if village residents, clubs, societies etc. benefit from reduced hiring rates: