Intermediate Care Services in Wandsworth

Healthwatch Wandsworth (HWW) is the patient and public champion for people in Wandsworth who use local health and social care services. We listen to patients, their relatives or carers, and senior staff responsible for managing health and social care services, who tell us what areas of these services are working well, and what could be made better.

Wandsworth Council are developing an integrated model for care that promotes
recovery, rehabilitation and re-ablement, to encompass physical, mental health and social care needs.

We want to hear what people think is important to the people who may be receiving or have previously received rehabilitation.

Intermediate care services are currently provided in different settings including hospitals, care homes, or at a person’s home, and may involve coordinated support from doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and more.

Intermediate care:
  • Helps people rehabilitate to recover and increase independence as far as possible after being unwell, or
  • Helps people keep well so that a problem doesn’t get worse and lead to the need for more serious help and care.

Your responses to this survey will be anonymised and shared with the Wandsworth Council to help them and other decision-makers understand how Intermediate Care services can be improved for patients and their needs.
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