Expression of Interest for IF Oxford 2024

1. Starting your Expression of Interest for IF 2024

Please see before you get started.

IF Oxford 2024 will take place 11 Oct — 3 Nov 2024 (TBC) and our audiences have come to expect, activities across topics and formats, using venues, digital and print, will represent a range of cultural and scientific organisations. 

This first Expression of Interest stage is designed to capture interest from people who might be involved in the 2024 science and ideas Festival. For examples from the past several years, please previous IF Oxford programmes and reports:

The processes for Festival creation is:

1. Expression of Interest – this form – DEADLINE: Wednesday 17 April 2024 
2. First–stage development conversation (1-1 call) – as soon as possible
3. Event details confirmation – a second form – DEADLINE: Friday 17 May 2024
4. Programme production – June / July 2024 (programme launch Thursday 22 August 2024)
5. Risk assessments and insurance details – DEADLINE: Friday 13 September 2024

If you want to be involved and have a passion to share your work with thousands of people, tell us now! Whether you have a firm plan for activities or not, the Festival team can work with you to discuss ideas and options.   

This Expression of Interest should take around five minutes to complete, so please do it as soon as you are able. This way, we can schedule the development conversation and get to the fun bit… 

Please note, this form is not a contract and filling it in does not commit you to being part of the Festival.  It is simply a way for you to express your interest in being involved and to start a conversation. 

If you have any further questions, please contact: 
Cathy, Festival Manager – or 07566 224 667
Dane, Festival Director – or 07720 705 312


1. Your contact details

Primary contactSecondary contact
First name
Last name
Position / role
Mobile phone number
Email address
Social media accounts

2. Please outline your area of work / innovation in 100 words or fewer.
Please provide any links to your online media, eg. film / audio clips or to your own website.
Other supporting information can be emailed to


3. Do you have a clear idea of what you will do in the Festival this October, eg. take part in a multi-participant family zone or run a stand-alone event?
This doesn’t need to be very specific and don’t worry if you do not have a clear plan yet – give us any information about what you might like to do here and we’ll ask you for more detail later.


4. Are you able to pay your participation fee?
The Festival has to cover marketing, operational and venue costs, so needs to charge most contributors a participation fee of £1,000 per event. If this is a real barrier for your involvement, please indicate in the comments box if you could pay a reduced fee or are requesting the fee to be waived. You might consider an application to an external funder (the Festival team can help you with this), please see:


5. Have you booked a meeting with Cathy to discuss your involvement in IF 2024?
The next step in the process is to book a video / phone call with Cathy (the Festival Manager) to discuss and develop your ideas into Festival events. You can do this now using this link: