English Assessment

1. Interested in doing an English course with Manchester Adult Education?


We're pleased that you are interested in improving your English with us.
The first thing we need to know is what your current level is so we can put you in the right class for you.
Please do as much of this assessment as you can - but make sure you don't get any help from anyone else when you are doing the assessment section because we need to know your level!

First of all we need some details from you so we can get in touch about a class.


1. What's your name? *


2. What's your telephone number? *


3. Which MAES centres would you prefer to learn at? *


4. How confident are you about speaking and listening in English? *


5. How confident are you about reading and writing in English? *


6. Are you already on a MAES course? (or a course with one of our partners - Back on Track, Cracking Good Food, Impact for All, Proper Job, Reform Radio, Sonder Radio, Street League)