1. Full terms and conditions can be found at https://www.lakesanddales.coop/community-orchard-full-terms-conditions/

I, the applicant named below, confirm that I have read and agree to the full terms and conditions on behalf of the applying organisation.



2. I, the applicant named below, confirm that I agree to the following on behalf of the applying organisation:
a Trees/bushes will be purchased and planted in 2023
b I/we have permission to plant on the land specified
c I/we will tag trees with tree tags supplied by Lakes and Dales Co-op
d I/we will provide updates when requested
e I/we will send photos containing group members and trees/bushes to membership@scotmid.co.uk at key stages – including planting and harvesting. All photos are assumed, by Lakes and Dales Co-op, to have full consents for print/publication online and in print.



3. Organisation / Group Name *


4. Postcode of site where fruit trees will be planted *


5. Using what3words please give exact location
https://what3words.com/ *


6. Using https://www.lakesanddales.coop/store-locator/ please tell us the postcode of the Lakes and Dales store closest to planting site *


7. Please tell us the distance from planting site to the closest Lakes and Dales store


8. Will the tree be planted in a new or existing garden/orchard site? *


9. Who owns the planting land? What is the agreement for usage?


10. What else is on the site? *


11. Who has access to the site?


12. Future plans for the site? *


13. Who has access to the trees and fruit? *


14. Postal address (Tree tags will be sent to this address) *


15. Facebook address


16. Twitter account


17. Instagram account


18. Applicant Full Name *


19. Contact Address (if different from above)


20. Contact Email Address *


21. Contact Telephone Number *


22. Secondary Contact Name *


23. Secondary Contact Email *


24. Secondary Contact Telephone Number *


25. Tell us a little about your organisation/project... *


26. Approx. how many people will benefit from an orchard? *


27. If successful, funding will be issued in February/March 2023. Projects cannot be funded retrospectively. When do you plan to plant? *


28. Who will be responsible for the planting and maintenance of trees?


29. How much funding would you like to apply for? Maximum £200. *


30. What trees will you buy with funding? Please include varieties and quantities.


31. What will you do with fruit from the trees?


32. Applicants may also be eligible to apply for a Lakes and Dales Co-op Community Grant of up to £500: https://www.lakesanddales.coop/community-and-charity/supporting-local-communities/community-grant/

Are you looking for or have you received any other sources of funding for this project? Please provide full details. *


33. Please detail any legacy elements of the initiative (ie maintenance, upkeep, future improvements etc)


34. Do you/the organisation have any links with Lakes and Dales Co-operative? *


35. How did you hear about the Lakes and Dales Community Orchard? Please select all that apply. *


36. Is there anything you would like to tell us to support your application?


37. Payment can only be made to a group/charity bank account. Payment cannot be made to an individual.

Please provide:
Bank Account Name
Sort Code
Account Number