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Thank you for your interest in joining Missing People's Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) or Network (LEAN). 

Your valuable and unique insights into the experience of being missing will make a real, positive difference to the work the charity does to support others going through similar experiences, and help promote best practice with regard to missing person investigations by the police and other agencies.

We would appreciate if you could share with us some basic information about yourself, your contact details, brief details of your experience of being missing, and which group you are interested in joining. Someone from the team will get back in touch with you soon. 

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(Disclaimer: this form will use the term 'missing' throughout, although we understand that not everyone with lived experience will identify with this label. So to clarify, by ‘missing’ we simply mean when someone leaves where they have been living or staying, without telling or being able to tell other people where they have gone. Perhaps you prefer a different term, such as having ‘gone away, ‘run away’, ‘disappeared’, ‘gone absent’, ‘taken time out’, or something else. This could include being away from home, care, a hospital, or a mental health care setting. Whatever you call it, if you think this describes you, we want to hear from you.)