Urgent Care Review - What Do You Think?

Liverpool Urgent Care Review

The NHS in Liverpool are currently reviewing how people are able to get health advice or treatment either immediately or on the same day - urgent health care - for more information see here. We would like to hear from people in Liverpool about how they get this help now and how it could be improved. Please complete this questionnaire to give us your views on physical and mental health care for all ages.

Unless stated, you can select as many or as few answers as you like - if you're not sure or don't have an opinion just skip to the next question.

We don't link this information with any that identifies you. If you would like to give us your contact details so we can keep in touch with you about this review and other news from the local NHS, you can sign up to our mailing list here. Your data will be treated confidentially and stored in accordance with Data Protection law and NHS Liverpool CCG’s Privacy Notice.

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