Road marking and road stud products: Stakeholder survey



The procedure set out in the Manual of Contract Documents for Highways Works (MCHW) for the approval of road marking and road stud products for use on the trunk road network in the UK require testing to be carried out by on-road trials. In these trials products are assessed on a road test site for a pre-determined amount of trafficking, typically 1 million wheel-overs.

Purpose of research

In order to allow more complete understanding of the methods available for the assessment of road marking and road stud products, Highways England, Safety Engineering and Standards, Safer Roads Design team has commissioned TRL to undertake a study into the comparative benefits of methods for approving road marking and road stud products. The results of this study will allow informed decisions regarding the ongoing approval of road marking and road stud products for use on the trunk road network in the UK.

How you can help

As part of this study we are extremely interested in learning from your experience and expertise in this area. Therefore we would greatly appreciate your help with our research by completing this survey. This is entirely voluntary and you can stop at any time. No personal data will be collected as part of this survey unless you choose to provide it at the end. All responses will be reported anonymously. For more details about this study or if you have any questions, please email Tadas Andriejauskas at

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