Questionnaire for Patient Engagement


Please complete the following demographics (this will help shape the services into what works best for you)


1. Under the extended access/hours service, GP practice appointments with GPs, nurses, healthcare assistants (and more roles) are available early mornings, evenings and weekends, when your GP practice is normally closed, at locations across Morecambe Bay. Appointments are booked via your existing GP practice. Are you aware of the extended access/hours service?


2. Do you recall ever being offered an appointment within the extended access/hours service (before 8am, after 6pm or at weekends)?


3. Have you had an appointment with the extended access service (before 8am, after 6pm or at weekends)?


4. Which GP practice are you registered with?


5. Which location would be more convenient for you to access a GP appointment when your practice is normally closed?


6. What is your preferred method of booking a GP practice appointment?


7. When would you be most likely to want an appointment? (check all that apply)


8. Please state why the above times/days are more convenient for you?


9. Which type of appointment do you feel you would find most useful?


10. Would anything stop you from wanting to use the evening and weekend GP service?


11. How would you like this service to be promoted and communicated to you?


12. Please provide any further comments you have