Permission to use photo, video and audio recording data

1. Consent page

This form is to confirm permission for the use of photographs, video and sound recordings of individuals in relation to IF Oxford (organised by Oxfordshire Science Festival, Charity number 1151361) IF Oxford adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and our data policy is here:

What are the event/s or activity/activities where your voice or image are recorded?
If more than one event, please list all of the dates in the Date/s box and all of the events' titles in the Event title/s box


I give my permission for IF Oxford to use photographs, video and sound recordings of me

In accordance with IF Oxford (‘the Festival’) safeguarding and data management policies, available at:, I consent to take part in recorded Activity related to or at the Festival and agree to the terms and conditions:

I give permission to the Festival and those authorised by the Festival to capture, use and edit my multimedia data at or for the above Activity by means of photography, video, film and / or sound recording. This includes my permission for the Festival to record any material contribution I may make at the Activity, eg. artwork / crafts (‘Recordings’).

I grant to the Festival the right and the right to authorise others to make my data or Recordings available across all platforms and in all media (in whole or in part, transcribed or otherwise) in perpetuity throughout the world for the educational and promotional purposes of the Festival and the Activity, such uses including but not limited to print and online publication or broadcast, eg. in Festival and related websites and social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook or radio and TV.

This Consent Form shall be governed in all respects by English law. The information provided in this Form is to be used for the administration of the Activity described above and is managed and stored by the Festival in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (2018.)


Please add any other comments or relevant information here, eg. if you are a parent or guardian authorising use of the images / media of someone in your care (your name and contact details should go here.)