Mental Health in Gloucestershire

Healthwatch Gloucestershire want to find out more about mental health in the county. This includes finding out more about:
  • Current services/provision for people who have mental health issues, what works well and what could be improved
  • The experiences of people who care for someone who has mental health issues
  • The types of information about mental health/maintaining good mental health people find useful 
  • What types of information around mental health people would like to see
  • Peoples ideas on how best we can maintain good mental health and wellbeing.

This information will be used to write a report that will be shared with local Commissioners (people who are responsible for planning and paying for care e.g. Council and local NHS) and providers of mental health services. We will also share the report with the people of Gloucestershire.

The survey is anonymous so we will not be able to tell who you are. 

The survey could take up to  25 minutes to complete but may be much quicker than this. There are a number of options to tell us more about your experience so times may vary depending on the depth of answers that you provide.