Winter Vaccines in Norfolk & Waveney - COVID-19 and Flu

1. Welcome

Thank you for taking part in our survey - it will take less than 5 minutes to complete.  Your feedback will help us to shape and improve vaccinations across Norfolk and Waveney.

We would like to find out more about your experience of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination (1st, 2nd or booster dose), the flu vaccination, or both.

You might not have had all your vaccinations yet - that doesn't matter as we still want to hear from you. You might also have got your different vaccinations at different sites.  This survey is designed for you to give individual feedback about specific sites if needed.

All the information contained in your responses will be confidential and remain anonymous (no-one will know who said what). To ensure confidentiality, please don’t include detailed information such as the names of individuals.

1. Which vaccinations have you had so far? Please tick all that apply. *


2. Did you have the flu vaccine last year? *


3. Were you always intending on getting a COVID-19 vaccination when it was offered to you? *


4. Where did you get your flu vaccination? *


5. What type of vaccination site did you go to get your COVID-19 vaccination(s)? If you went to different locations for the different COVID jabs please tick all that apply. *


6. How did you access your COVID-19 vaccination(s)? if you used different methods for different jabs please tick all that apply. *


7. How do you feel you were communicated with about the flu and COVID-19 vaccination processes? *