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1. Consumer Panel Sign-Up Survey

Thank you for joining our market research consumer panel. Please answer these background questions to be added to our mailing list. Your personal data is gathered purely for the demographic purposes of market research, and will not be shared with any third parties.

1. How did you find out about our Consumer Panel? *


2. Contact details
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3. Age. Tick one option. *


4. Gender. Tick one option. *


5. Where are you based? Tick one option. *


6. How many children (aged under 16) are there in your household? Tick one option. *


7. What is your current working status? Tick one option. *


8. Which of these best describes your job role? Tick one option. *


9. What is your annual household income? Tick one option. *


10. How best would you describe your diet? Tick as many as apply. *


11. Do you have any allergies? Tick all that apply. *


12. Which of the following grocery trends are you interested in? *


13. I give my consent to be contacted via the email provided about any relevant upcoming market research opportunities

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