After The Intermission: Reopening The Customs House

1. How often would you say that you attended shows, events and screenings at The Customs House before Covid-19 *


2. Which of the following are you most likely to visit The Customs House for? *


3. Please tell us which of the following statements best fits how you're currently feeling about the possibility of coming out to shows, events and screenings at The Customs House again. Please answer as honestly as possible. *


4. Would you be happy to bring your children/ grandchildren/ guardians along to The Customs House with you? *


5. Your health and safety is very important to us when you visit The Customs House.
The steps listed below have now been put in place. Could you please tell us which of these make you feel most protected and assured. *


6. Which, if any, of the facilities would you feel more uncomfortable about using than usual when The Customs House re-opens?


7. Are you missing the opportunity to attend The Customs House at the moment? *


8. Have you been watching our weekly online streaming events hosted on Facebook and Twitch TV? *


9. If you answered Yes to the previous question, did you submit a donation whilst you were watching?


10. After The Customs House reopens, would you be interested in watching online / streaming events? *


11. Would you pay to watch online events?

If so, how much? *


12. Would you be interested in attending ticketed / paid outdoor events? *


13. Are you actively booking NOW for events in the future? *


14. If you had to say now when you think you'll be ready to start booking for shows, events and screenings again, which one of options below would you choose? *


15. What are you most looking forward to about shows, events and screenings at The Customs House?
(please tick all that apply) *


16. Are you aware that the The Customs House is a charity? *


17. When The Customs House re-opens, our financial position may be challenging. We will be relying on the kindness of our wonderful audiences and supporters to ensure a successful return. Could you please let us know which of the donation channels listed below you would be most likely to support. *


18. This information is optional, but it will help us ensure that we've received responses from a range of people.

How old are you


19. Would you currently regard yourself as a 'vulnerable' person in relation to Covid-19?


20. What is your employment status