Preventing homelessness in practice


There’s never been a more important time to step up our efforts to prevent homelessness. 

Crisis, as part of the Everyone Home collective, is compiling a practical prevention compendium, bringing together in one place the best examples of what works to prevent homelessness in Scotland. 

We want to showcase and share examples of what’s worked and working well, so others can learn, adapt and replicate. For example, projects that have worked
  • in particular communities, or geographies
  • to reduce repeat homelessness
  • for particular groups of people, through targeted activities
  • upstream and downstream – from early intervention to crisis
  • for landlords, advice and support services and community-led organisations
  • for projects not based in the housing or homelessness sectors, which prevent homelessness by recognising the links between social harms and public services, and which work in partnership
We're looking for projects which have been around long enough to generate results. They don’t need to have been formally evaluated - but it’s great if they have been. The best examples will feature in a prevention practice guide to benefit local authorities and their partners in Scotland as we come out of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Please give us some information about your project here. The survey format allows you to go back and forth before submitting. If you don't have, or can't share, information requested in any of the sections, just leave it blank and go onto the next one. Please return examples or suggestions by 26 March 2021

Prefer to provide information on a Word document?  Email Lucie at Crisis ( and I'll send you one. 
Any questions?  Have a look at our FAQs or email Lucie
Check out our blog for more information on why we're doing this work now.